About Us

We Are The Golden Triangle Girls WI!

We are a vibrant, modern WI based in the Golden Triangle area of Norwich. As we’re located between the city and the university, we have a very diverse membership. We meet on the third Thursday evening of every month, upstairs in the Unthank Arms pub!

Our branch was founded in 2011 with 22 members; we now have 65 members and have a waiting list to join!

Our meetings are just as diverse as our members, with a mixture of crafts, talks, skill-sharing and more! Some examples of our recent meets include astronomy, Bollywood dancing, food demonstrations, risqué storytelling and photography.

We also run a number of off-shoot groups for our members; we have a bi-monthly book club, a monthly bring your own craft group (crafty catch up) , and an ad-hoc drinking club (the G&T’s)!

Our branch, in line with the WI’s ethos, is all about bringing women together for friendship and support, as well as sharing skills and knowledge. We also get involved with the WI’s national campaigns (see The WI Campaigns for further details) and work locally to support our community.

If you’d like to find out more, drop us an email at goldentrianglegirls@gmail.com, or use the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website.