Membership & Joining

Thinking of joining?

Membership of the Golden Triangle Girls WI is open to anyone aged 18 or over who lives as a woman.

We have around 65-70 members from age 18-80+ with a wide range of different interests and skills. There is often a waiting list to join, so we ask that you come to a main meeting as a visitor before committing to an annual membership – just to make sure we’re what you are looking for.

Once you’ve been along to a main meeting, let us know if you’d like to join, and we’ll organise the paperwork! 

We have a regular turnover of members (life moves on and our ladies move with it), so don’t despair if we have a waiting list when you apply. While you wait for a place you can visit again or try out our off-shoot groups.

Member benefits

Included in your membership subscription:

  • 11 main meetings per year, Apr-Jul and Sep-Mar (we don’t have a main meeting in August)
  • Access to our private Facebook groups
  • 8 editions of the WI magazine, WI Life, per year (delivered direct to your door)
  • Access to My WI, the WI members-only website with crafts, recipes, campaigns and other resources
  • A membership booklet with exclusive offers, discounts, and competitions

You also have access to these ‘extras’:

  • Our off-shoot groups
  • Ad-hoc, members-only, events through the year
  • Events run by the Norfolk Federation of WIs
  • Events run by the National Federation of WIs

There may be additional charges for the ‘extras’, but you have the option to take part in whatever interests you.

Membership fees

The GTG WI is a member of the Norfolk Federation of WIs and the National Federation of WIs  (NFWI). The annual membership fee is set by the National Federation. A proportion of the fee goes to the NFWI, part goes to the local Federation, and the GTGs keep the rest. The fee for 2022/23 has been set at £44.

The membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March. For new members joining part way through the year, the fee is reduced according to the table below:

Joining DateTotal you payGolden Triangle Girls shareNorfolk Federation shareNational Federation share
1st Apr-30th Jun 2022£44£21.60£10.30£12.10
1st Jul-30th Sep 2022£33£16.20£7.73£9.07
1st Oct-31st Dec 2022£22£10.80£5.15£6.05
1st Jan-31st Mar 2023£11£5.40£2.58£3.02

If you were a member of any WI last year, there is no pro-rata amount and you will be charged the full fee, regardless of when in the year you join.

We can accept payment by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Dual membership

If you are already a member of a WI, you can join the GTGs as a dual member. As a full member of another WI you have already paid the local and National Federation fees, so you just pay the GTG share of the fee to us. However, there is no pro-rata rate, so the fee for 2022/23 is £21.60, regardless of when in the year you join.


Membership of the GTGs is open to any adult living as a woman, regardless of where you live. Most of our meetings and events take place in or around the Golden Triangle, but you don’t need to live here to join us.

Yes, you can. You can join as many WIs as you like!

If you would like to join more than one WI, you elect one group to be your primary group and pay them the full fee. You pay a reduced fee to any other WIs you join.

Yes, you can. You can join at any time.

If you are new to the WI or weren’t a member last year, the pro-rata rate will be charged.

If you were a member of any WI last year, or are joining as a dual member, you will be charged the full fee (£44 as a full member or £21.60 as a dual member).

Yes, you can, but if you were a member of any WI last year the full fee will be charged, regardless of when in the year you join (£44 as a full member or £21.60 as a dual member).